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DC MUSIC has mobilized to produce an agenda, platform and strategies to address the attack on our MUSIC, Culture and Future in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.  We have been meeting with many citizens who are outraged and frustrated with in ability to obtain workforce housing, employment and business opportunities.  After meeting with native Washingtonians, we have a clear understanding that citizens agree- there is a lock of concern or initative to ensure that they enjoy and remain a part of transitioning communities.  Many say things are better, yet, the only thing that had gootten better is the divide and disparities.  This behavior towards long-term DMV citizens must be stopped.  Washington D.C. is changing: yet not nearly enough debate, dialogue or straight talk has occurred on whether the changes are done in an ethical manner with good intention for our constituents.  Change is great but not if it does not include the people.  The people must be empowered not castrated and pushed out by heartless, self serving leadership.  We are taking personal responsibility and addressing those who don't have us in their best interest.  The must change and people with their backs against the wall are coming together to make CHANGE  a reality.  We have not been fooled.

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