DC Movement Uplifting Safe Independent Communities

Chocolate Wall Street Economics Committee

It is said that the collective spending power of the American black community would make it the ninth wealthiest country in the world.  There is no reason why blacks cannot change the economic equation in America, but only if we go back to the traditional values that got us through slavery and Jim Crow and that fueled the Civil Rights Movement of the sixties.  We mush also ensure that we are also benefiting from our culture as other's do because we don't teach to that it's not a crime to support each other.  We must add some of the old formula to the new formula and create entitles, products, and services that the world would embrace with the understanding that nobody will support us if we don't support ourselves.  "Our ability to make the world better depends entirely on our ability to make ourselves better. ~Booker T. Washington

Spiritual Committee

Family Matters Committee

Committee's purpose is to educate our community young and old on the purpose and benefits of family.  Only 17% of 17 year olds in DC have a mother and father in the household.   This is devastating and the coot to much of the chaos we see in our communities.


 Returned Citizens Committee

There are over 60,000 returned citizens AKA ex-offenders in DC and probably just as many road blocks guarantee they can not receive gainful employment and housing.

Re-Education Committee

We must recreate our education system for our changing world.  Ensuring that our children are successful by encouraging creative thinking and nurturing innovation.  We should not standardize education but personalized and customize education so that it serves the world child.  Our schools should serve as hubs for our community.  These solutions must be pushed until we have our way because education is the key to prosperity and a quality, productive life.

Network and Communication Committee

Recruit different networks, social movements and institutions to connect them with the DMV Music Industry as a vehicle to disseminate information and action items.  This Committee will manage:

  • Research
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • Survey's representing our opinions
  • Website/Social Media

Public Safety Committee

DMV Music & Go-Go Re-Branding Committee

Works on re-branding elevating various genres of music with one of our first projects being D.C.'s Home Grown Music, which is under attack and need to be organized so that it can be saved and restored to it's rightful place in History.  This is a industry that employs many.  Rebranding Go-Go Committee will revive and generate more revenue for the Go-Go Music Industry and use music as a tool to educate and uplift our Community

Youth DC 63 Committee

Youth will organize, recruit and teach other youth the importance of fighting for their present and future as the youth did in 1963 a time when the youth action changed America and ended segregation.  A people have no future without it's youth.

Workforce Housing & Development Committee

Address the need of workforce housing for residents that have been here and are no longer afforded the opportunity to stay here.  Native Washingtonians and people in the DMV have been attacked in a systematic way by ineffective leadership and government.  People who strive for excellence need to be given a opportunity to remain in place.  We must come up with solutions and force an agenda that benefits our constituents.

Political Agenda and Accountability Committee

Committee focus is to create agenda that serves our needs and ensure that elected official in the DMV cater to and address before and after obtaining office.  recruit, engage, enlighten and mobilize a minimum of 10,000 people in the DMV through various forms of outreach such as boots on the grounds, door to door, music, collaborations with like-minded people and much more.